• "I am currently registered with your company learning German and I am so impressed so far I would like to start to learn some Chinese (mandarin) and still continue with my German lessons."
  • "I took some Italian lessons through MPLT and was very happy with them. I want to brush up my French for an upcoming trip."
  • "Maria and I keep in touch very well, and she is very accommodating with my unpredictable schedule. I appreciate the checking, top notch service. Thank you. Chris"
  • "Hi Michelle, I enjoyed my free lesson and will begin taking regular lessons next Monday August 8. Thanks, Ruth "
  • "Alla is a wonderful tutor! professional and sweet. i will be sticking with MYPLT until i reach fluency with my russian. VERY happy with the site and the tutor you chose for me. :) thanks again, Josie "
  • "Michelle, Alejandra has been an excellent, enthusiastic, and supportive teacher. Your service has been excellent. Robert"
  • "Simone, This class was great. Do you have any japanese and french teachers?If they are as good as Kristina, and the schedule works I will do all my classes online with you. Thanks David"
  • "Hi Anne, Thanks for an enjoyable lesson. I look forward to our next one. Regards, Sharon "
  • "Dear Alejandra, Sylvie and David, We want to let you all know we are very please with both of our girls language classes. Thank you very much."
  • "Hello there, I am really excited about my French lessons and I have such a wonderful tutor. :-) Thank You, Carmen "
  • "Alejandra is one of the best language teachers I've ever had"
  • "Ana is an excellent instructor and really nurtured my love for Spanish. I will return and my teacher at that time will be Ana! Thanks, Rod "
  • "Thank you so much and please thank Francesca for me. She did a great job. We will definitely use MYPLT in the future. Have a great evening!"
  • "Let me say here that I have had nothing but good service from MyPLT.com, and that Sherence is a great tutor - Cheers, Alan."
  • "Hi Francesca, You've been a very nice tutor and it was nice chatting with you :)."
  • "Hello Michelle, i wanted to just let you know that i enjoyed my trial lesson with Daniela and i would like to continue them on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m if possible. Thank you"
  • "Hi Simone! Thanks for your quick response and great service helping me set up the introductory spanish session today! John "
  • "Hello Michelle, I had my first lesson with Sherence today, and I can say I am very happy with the program and my instructor/tutor. I really learned a great deal today; it's a wonderful challenge."
  • "Dear David, That is Perfect. Nikki is loving her class with Sylvie. Thank you, Fabiola "
  • "Hi Simone, Ji is a good fit. I have scheduled a first class with her on Thursday evening."
  • "I am already a PLT student and extremely happy with my tutor, Francesca. She is great! Lori"
  • "Hello, will call you tomorrow to set up my payment. I'd like to tell you my experience with Sylvie is amazing. She's such an effective tutor! Thank you in advance, Nadia"
  • "Hello Support, I have a lesson with Martine every Monday and Friday morning. I am very pleased with the quality of the lessons and I will continue with the current schedule. Regards, Craig "
  • "By the way, Daniela is a fantastic teacher and the lessons are great! Thanks TJ"
  • "Please refer any clients to me-the French lessons I had last year were great and and I think Francesca is great - Many thanks, Carol J"
  • "Hi David, My Italian lessons with Francesca are going very well."
  • "Hi Michelle, I had my first lesson today and I would like to continue with the program. Sincerely, Eugenia"
  • "Hello, my wife Cierra and I had our first lesson last night with Ileana. Fantastico!"
  • "Hi Michelle, After taking a few Italian lessons from one of your tutors, I've become a big fan of what MyPLT is doing."
  • "It was fun having a lesson with Olga earlier this week. She has a very clear manner of speaking. "
  • "Just so you know, I absolutely enjoy taking my lessons with Maria and look forward to continuing them."
  • "Hi David; I had my free lesson and really enjoyed it!!! I want to keep doing it!"
  • "Hi Simone, I had a wonderful lesson with Ileana this morning and would very much like to continue. We have already scheduled our next lesson for Tuesday morning. Thanks so much! Orion"
  • "Hi David -- I enjoyed my free class with Maria Luz last night and we have agreed to try going forward with two one-hour classes per week, starting this Tuesday evening. Lisa"
  • "Hi, I had a great lesson with Daniela today and I want to continue with her, she is great!"
  • "My son has been taking Japanese tutoring. Your service is excellent and we have been very happy customers. Maki is an excellent tutor. Thanks so much, Gayle"

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Learn Language Live Online!

My Personal Language Tutor provides personal, one-on-one language instruction. The beauty of MyPLT is that online language lessons are delivered at a time and place of the student’s convenience. Any place where there is Internet access can become a place to learn a new language online. MyPLT online language tutors are highly educated native speakers who are geographically remote.

This promotes cultural exchange along with language learning.

The process is moderated by a formal quality and progress infrastructure to assure high quality and scheduling ease.

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How we work?

My Personal Language Tutor emphasizes the "Personal". We learn about your goal and language level, and match you with one of our qualified native speaking online language tutors.

Your online language tutor will tailor your classes to meet your needs.

You chat with your online language tutor over free Internet Telephony and Instant Message – so you get both the verbal and written word.

Your online language tutor will manipulate the language with you – it is not just memorization..

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